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LadyNaija just said:

The origin of insecurity among some ladies

Insecurity is often associated with terms like “unstable”, “lacking in self-confidence” among others. Insecure women are often highly vulnerable. For … More >

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sweetkay00: Nice
Odiaka1994: I nid a wife to be kindly kal giv me kal if u are d one 08065412065 Pls dont flash

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LadyNaija just said:

The magic of a smile

I watched a video clip a few days ago and this formed the inspiration for this post. The video portrayed babies who were laughing and just having fun … More >

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LadyNaija just said:

The ketogenic diet: yay or nah?

The Ketogenic diet, popularly called ‘keto’ is one food regimen whose popularity has shot through the roof all over the globe.From WhatsApp and Face… More >

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LadyNaija just said:

The fear of intimacy

Do you push every relationship away especially when the person is getting too close even when you desperately try not to? Are you one of those that … More >

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